What is Angel Writing?

Angel Writing brings your book, training manual, blog post, or other writing project to life with ease, pleasure, and joy! Angel Writing shifts the writing process from a lonely drudgery to a collaborative delight. Instead of hunkering down over the computer and forcing yourself to write, imagine simply telling a trusted friend what you want to create. Then, imagine that conversation magically transforming itself into a completed piece of writing. That's essentially the angel writing process.

No more lonely, painful writing sessions or completely avoiding your writing. I'll interview you to pull out the details of what you want to create and transform your spoken words into the perfect piece of writing. All you have to do is share it with your audience!

The process can be as hands-on or off as you want it to be. All you have to do is chat about what you want to create and then approve the completed drafts.

BooKS: Memoir, Self-Help, fiction


Who Needs This?

You've wanted to write a book forever or you've been told over and over to write a book, but you don't have the time, desire or experience to do it alone.


You have a lot of writing experience and may have already written a book or two, but you find it difficult to share your stories with as much vulnerability and authenticity as you desire. Angel writing can help you tap into a level of candidness and vulnerability in your writing that's difficult to reach alone.


Sample Program (6 months):

  • We work together to outline the book.

  • We co-create the book one chapter at a time (~10 chapters).

    • We create a series of interview questions for each chapter.

    • I interview you for 1.5 - 3 hours / chapter.

    • We use the interview to write the chapter.

    • You read the chapter and provide your feedback.

    • I revise and finalize the chapter (the last two steps can be repeated multiple times as needed).

  • We co-create any additional materials needed (introduction, afterword, acknowledgements, etc.)

  • I compile the manuscript and write the jacket copy, copyright page, and table of contents. 

  • I thoroughly edit the entire manuscript.


  • $15,000 USD + 30% royalties for a book of up to 50,000 words. (Can be paid in one lump sum, or six monthly payments of $2500)

  • Your participation in interviews

  • Your participation in reading and providing feedback throughout the writing process.


First Step

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation (https://chatwithcait.youcanbook.me/) or email me at cait@caitryan.com.

Book Chapters, Training Manuals, Online Courses, Video Scripts, presentation notes, Articles, Blog Posts, website copy, etc.


Who Needs This?

You have content to write, but not the time, desire and/or experience to actually get it done.


You have a lot of writing experience, but want to create a piece of content that pushes your edge when it comes to vulnerability. Angel writing can be a gentle, supportive way to embrace more and more vulnerability in what you write.


Sample Program:

  • We work together to outline the project.

  • We co-create the project:

    • I interview you to get the content.

    • I do the writing based on the interview.

    • You read the project and provide your feedback.

    • I revise and finalize the project.


  • $500 USD per 1-hour of recorded interview. This includes interview prep-work, recording the interview, transcribing the interview, drafting the piece, and revising the piece based on your feedback. Typically, a 1000-1500 word piece can be completed from a 1-hour interview.

  • Your participation in an interview (or several interviews if it's a longer project) to provide information for the project.

  • Your participation in reading and providing feedback throughout the writing process.


First Step

Click here to schedule a free 30-minute consultation (https://chatwithcait.youcanbook.me/) or email me at cait@caitryan.com.